Glass Hoists and Handling Equipment


SGL 7.5m Glass Hoist

            • Provides manual 360° rotation
            • Tilts glass for skylight glazing
            • Lifts center of the glass to a height of 7.5m
            • Ideal for overhead glazing and shop fronts
            • Counter weighted base eliminates the need for stabiliser legs
          • Pad spread is adjustable
          • Working foot print is 2200w x 2220mm long
          • No tickets required to operate this machine
          • SWL is 300 kg at 7.5 meters
          • Battery operated
          • Net weight is 332kg (has 128kg of removable weight)

          Glass Hoist PDF Product Brochure

  Glass Hoist 7.5m
            SGL Hoist with Jib    
    • Lifts 300kg to a height of 7.9meters
    • No legs protruding in front of the glass lifter
    • Adjustable jib attachment with a hook
  • Perfect for attaching a 4 pad spider or Inline 4 pad (pictured)
  • SWL is 300kg at 7.5m
  • Manual winch
  • Weight of Material Hoist & jib 300kg
          material hoist with inline glass lifter

Chain Blocks

  • We have chainblocks to suit your glass and other lifting requirements
  • 1 and 2 tonne chain blocks with a minimum 6 meters of chain.
  • Chain blocks are an ideal way to glaze panels from a crane hook as they give you very fine adjustment.


  ........Chain Block
            Crane Scales
  • 3000kg electronic crane scales
  • Large LED Display
  • Battery operated
  • Remote Control
  Crane Scales
           A Frames    
  • Range of sizes available up to 2600mm load height
  • 500 wide bases are perfect for lifting crates of glass on jobsites
  • Removable rubber wheels
  • Straps to secure glass and additional safety bars
  • up to 4000kg lifting capability
  • All tested and complianced for job sites
  • Approx weight 350kg
  • Optional crane slippers available for added safety whilst lifting glass